Qualitex PC-18

Qualitex PC-18

18" Press Pad. Used with HOFFMAN/NEW YORK M-1, W12, 19CM, CMX, HM, HMX, SM, SMXGOLDMAN M-19, Leading the industry in fit, performance and durability, Sun Glow� Press Pads are consistently used by more award-winning dry cleaning plants, by a margin of 8 to 1, than any other press pad on the market. Sun Glow� Press Pads can increase your cost efficiency by: 1. Reducing Finishing Time: With Sun Glow� Pads, garments glide more smoothly and efficiently over the surface of the Pad, with just the right amount of hold, to improve and increase work flow. 2. Increasing the Life of the Pad: With proper use and maintenance, Sun Glow� Pads retain and maintain their original pressing surface longer than any other pad on the market. Longer retention means less frequent changing of your press pads. 3. Improving Finished Appearance: More customers judge the effectiveness of their dry cleaner by the finished appearance of their clothes. Sun Glow� Pads provide a better finish with their proper balance of quick steam and rapid vacuum recovery and the absence of distortions on the pressing surface.

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