Iron Shoe Naomoto HYS-5/HYS-58/MT1-5/MT1-510/HYS-510

Iron Shoe Naomoto HYS-5/HYS-58/MT1-5/MT1-510/HYS-510

Improve production and get a better press with this sturdy, lightweight Iron Shoe. Our Iron Shoes have Teflon? baked on, not glued on, so they will not "bubble". Featuring a unique aluminum inner liner with fully opened holes for even steam distribution, felt liner to ensure a snug fit, and durable metal spring for a tight hold to the iron. Requires a minimum of pressure for a perfect press. Must match exact manufacturer and model of iron for proper fit, please call for assistance if needed.Size: 8 1/4" Long x 4 1/4" Widest part x 3 1/4" Width at Base.

PRICE: $19.95


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